Throw it Up

Dogg from the "Beach" Eastside on mine
I'm striking through the hood
While I'm slanging my goods
I'm hollaring at my folks (what up?), rolling up some dope
4-Tay from the Bay they say we West Coast folks, you know (you know)
We can't be nothing but that (but that)
And when you bust we bust right back
No play, 4-Tay tell them about the Dogg
I dip to the Bay then get the money y'all
I catch a plane with the gang, purple on my brain
That nigga, that nigga done done it again
Still my nigga, for real my nigga
DPGC it's a big deal my nigga
Wherever we go we represent the turf until it hurt
Long Beach niggaz will rush you to the dirt (nigga)
Eastsidaz, real riders
Throw it up like you know it up, throw it up

[Chorus (1): Tray Deee] (Roger Troutman)

Throw it up, yeah (oooh ooooooh oooh, throw it up!)
Throw it up, throw it up, throw it up
All the homies on the Eastside where the G's ride
Do your thug thing homie, throw it up (throw it up, oooh ooooooh oooh)
All the homies on the West Side, yeah (throw it up!)
All the homies on the West Side (throw it up!) throw it up throw it up
Throw it up throw it up, do your thug thing

[Verse 2: Rappin' 4-Tay]
Pressure bust pipes, we bust raps
Niggaz don't want funk cause we bust caps
Get off in the zone then I'm in and blaze up
You ain't about your cheese I'd advise you to raise up
Cowards can't kick it cause the game don't mix right
That's like bringing a but

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