It Doesnt Have To Be This Way

Sometimes alone at night I lie and wonder --
Was breaking up the only thing to do
We live our separate lives like perfect strangers,
But in the end, we're really perfect fools --
Maybe in time we'll shake the memories,
Maybe in time forget the pain --
But baby tonight, this heart remembers

*It doesn't have to be this way --
We don't need to live the lie anymore
I want you back, I'm holding on --
It doesn't have to be this way
Here we stand -- love's an open door,
It doesn't have to be this way*

With breakin' up there comes this empty feelin'
The child within you, lost without a prayer
So you run a little wild searching for some meaning
Deep into the streets of your despair
What does it take to shake your memory --
What in the world could ease the pain
How can I make your heart surrender

( * Repeat)
( * Repeat)

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