This Is A Story Called Abracadabra
A Story About Fairies And Colours
Magic And Scents, In A Secret World
A World Of Fantasy, Where All Wishes Come True
If You Feel The Need To Dream
Just Close Your Eyes And Listen To The Soundlovers
Once Upon A Time In A Secret World
There Was The Big Reign Of A Lovely Girl
She Could Be The Queen Of The Universe
But She Always Dreamed Something Else
Walking In The Wood One Day Suddenly
She Found A Magic Wand Down Among The Leaves
She Said "Oh My God, Will My Wish Come True?"
Now I Really Know What To Do
Magic Wand Abracadabra
I Wanna Be Your Wonder-Girl
Majic Wand Abracagabra
I Wanna Fly To See My World
And So One Day Something Amazing Happened
So Listen On, This Is How The Story Continues "¦
Once Upon A Time There's A Wonder-Girl
Her Wish Was To Fly All Around The World
She Became The Queen Of The Fantasy
Found Her Love And Lived Happily

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