Big Star

I saw a big star running from me, a world from a record on my bed
Turn the tables on me, what would happen if I fell to the tune of a dreamer,
to the tune of my heart?
A big start running from me, I saw a world out sunning on my head
Turn the tables on me now I would fall from heaven and ring your bell
Baby, catch me in the middle of a lie
The boys are out tonight, yeah the boys are out tonight
The big shots singin' from me, I saw a world out sunning on my head
Pity my heart signals: center of a storm inside my head
Center of my heart, center of my out of time simple mind
From the moon out my window a wink and a blink and a nod
Had a wish on a start but now it's falling
The boys are out tonight, big skies above me signal in my horoscope it said:
never heed a caution, never fought a lover,
never cross a street alone in the middle of a signal red,
middle of a drinker's heart, middle of a big parade, a signal in my horoscope

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