Pleasure And Pain

You Always Said You Loved Me
Though My Mind Right Now's Not Sure
Why Can't You Take The First Step To Let Me Know You Really Care
You Always Were There For Me Though My Heart Never Feels Secure
'cause Now I'm Feeling Driven Into A Love That's Not Right There
(Chorus) Why Do You Make Me Feel This Way

Feeling Betrayed Feeling Pushed Away
Feeling So Lost I'm Feeling So Burned
Feeling So Hurt Feeling So Sad
Why Do You Make Me Feel So Bad
What Have I Done To Make You Turn

If You Really Cared You'd Make A Change
After All I've Said
So I Can Feel The Pleasures And Not The Pain
That You Don't Really Care About Me
Why Can't You Seem To Believe
You Still Have It Set In Your Head
That I'm The Only One For You
I Gave All My Love To You Oooh
And After All I've Done For You
You Never Seemed To Love Me The Way That I Love You


Baby Can You Feel Me
It Hurts So Bad
It Hurts So Bad
I Just Can't Take It No More Baby
So I Can Feel The Pleasures And Not The Pain
Girl Make A Change

Chorus To End

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