Whats My Name

bitches cal me big E-Z,
you dont whone die that eazy
So you punkass trick's wanna fuck with me,
I will let you get on your knee's
and let you bage 4 mursy and if you bitch ass niggaz
can't shut the fuck up about E-Z, all pick your
trashass up, and trow it in a motherfucking trashheat
I know why you niggaz can't stand me because I'm prity,
handy, sweet like chocolet and candy' your bitch mandy
want to gangbang me
you see that you ain't shit, new you wanna pull a gun out
and put it to my head (nigger you're dead)
Now I know what you are gone do you are gone tell me
to run, but I ain't gonna run 4 no bitchass nigger with a gun
Nigger let me tell you some when I pull my gun out
you better run the fuck out
and you know that when I buz like a bubble your ass is in

what my mother fucking name:
E-Z from the LIL to the KID and the GANGSTER
that's me
2x whats my name E-Z the lilkidG and you dont whone fuck
with me

Niggaz in the street's wanted to kill me but shoot me,
but shot my girl instead We ware walking hand in hand,
we were going to the tow we were going mouth to mouth
babygirl breath
She was my (number 1)
after here I trusted only my gun

so nigger when I catch you ass you'l be like dust in the past,
I know wy you niggaz cant stand me' becous I made you
geth on there knee's and bage 4 mursy
new you have gath the time to play a bigpimping nigger
and you better wolk with your gun,
and when you see E-Z you better run
are you will have to shoot me upfront
Otherwise your shirt will turn from withe to red the collor
of the dead I can feel the davel in my head:

what's my motherfucking name:
E-Z from the LIL to the KID the GANGSTER
that's me
what'S my name E-Z the lilkidG and you dont whone fuck
with me

new I have gath 1 problem solth, new I have gat an other 1
boy from the other side whont to kill me' becous I'm
A playboy calld E-Z the lilkidG and, thay coudent stand me
I'm one my knee's to god' praing 4 somme love!!
I have god as My father and jezus as my brother wy can I have
here as my lover !! New I know what I am gone do Im gone
run them over with my bantly and kill those motherfuckers
yantly,no I know what I'm gone do I'm gone run them over
with my rover them Its all over:

delano C

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