Just Like Before

You yell and scream for no reason at all
You pick up shit and throw it at me then you start to bawl
You should see yourself! Hear yourself! A fucking child!
I'm tryin' to find a reason for you going so wild

"What's wrong?" I ask, you say "You said something mean!"
Every word I utter, man, I gotta screen
This shit has gotta stop before I go berserk
Tryin' to decide which one of us is the jerk
We yell and we fight 'til no end
For reasons I can't understand
And then we make up just like billions of times before

For a while we're just lovers and friends
Then shit hits the fan once again
And then we do fight just like billions of times before

Play on, Stay on
Just like billions of times before

Just like before
Just like before
Just like before
I don't want it no more!

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