Angry Johnny And The Killbillies: Racing The Train Song Lyrics

Racing The Train

(chorus) I'm racing the train to the crossroads
To find out if I'm still alive
I'm racing the train to the crossroads, baby
I'm racing with the devil tonight
And no matter if I live or die when I make
it to the other side
You'll still be gone and I'll be alone
so I'm already dead inside
I can hear that whistle blowing
I guess it's time to turn the key
Ain't nothing left in this old town,
Ain't nothing left for me
About a mile out it's coming like a
demon belching fire
And I got my motor running,
gonna race it to the wire
And the road is dark and lonely
and the moon is shining bright
But without you here to hold me
There's no reason left tonight
I can see the red lights flashing
I can see your pretty face
I got the pedal to the metal
Win or lose, I ran the race
And I gave it everything I had,
I guess that you did to
And I never loved anyone as much as I love you
But somewhere babe I don't know when
We threw it all away
Now that whistle's blowin' loud and clear
It's calling out my name
I loved you then and I love you now
And I wish I could turn this car around
But the devil's holding my foot down
and that Conrail's here and it's
shaking the ground
And the lights are flashing red now
And I can hear everything you said now
But you're in someone else's bed now
So there's nothing left for me
No there's nothing left for me

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