You With Me

All of my life,
I've looked for love,
but somethin inside said it wasn't enough
Then there was you,
and that's when i knew it was true
And it feels so right, with you here tonight,
with all of my heart my soul
and my mind would you put you're hand in mine!


and walk with me,
talk with me,
come with me
let's make life complete
dance with me
laugh with me
forget the world
and make love with me
you're everything that i'll ever need
all of my strenth
the breath that i breathe
All of my hopes and my dreams is you with me
never before have i felt like this
bein with you is a heavenly bless
i thank god above
he sent your love to me
cause i hold you tight
look in my eyes
i promise you love for the rest of my life
would you put you're hand in mine

chorus 2x

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