There's A Lull In My Life

The stars are still on high but they don't twinkle anymore
Why does it seem they've lost their gleam
Somehow the lovely flowers no fragrance anymore
Where is their bloom their sweet perfume

Darling, that just shows what your goodbye can do
Until you return there's nothing I can do

Oh, there's a lull in my life
It's just a void and empty space when you are not in my embrace
Oh, there's a lull in my life
The moment that you go away, there is no night and no day

Clock stops ticking the world stops turning
Everything stops but the flame in my heart that keeps burning, burning

And oh, there's a lull in my life
No matter how I may pretend I no you alone can end
The ache in my heart, the cold of my arms
The lull in my life

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