Addicted To You

I call sleep I can't think
I don't know what's wrong with me
I see you within me
0r am I just imagining
A vision of how we could have been now
But I only see me somehow
I m falling so far
What we're leaving behind is in the back of my mind
Cos I'm addicted to you


Lets take it right from the start
Can't bare us to be apart no more
Don't walk away from me now
Cant lose the love that I found
I'll promise you no more tears, or fears
Just give me a chance to show you now
How my love can change your heart

Don't you see me
Why can't it be like it used to be
A light shines in my night
Its the promise of everything that we could've been
Its come apart at the seams
I'm living inside my head, I don t care what s said
Cos you've opened my heart
Don't you tear me apart
Cos I'm addicted to you


Can't you remember baby all the love we shared
It's hurting me to think that you re no longer here
I couldn't keep you near me
I sat down and cleared my mind
And told myself it's just a matter of time
Cos I'm addicted to you


Cos I m addicted to you

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