Magnificat Satanas

He who searches will never find me
I magnify the blessings of crime
And in my name, you will never find death
Magnificat Satanas
No temple holds the fires of my rage
And I send angels to punish
And in my name you will never find death
Magnificat Satanas
The allfithy in criminal posterity
I am the Great Manifesto within the hidden
I bear the names of all gods
Yet you have never called me aloud
Estimate the servants for no God fails in silence
As night falls the seventh day the gospel resounds in death
The Lord is triumphant in his glorious madness
Decadent flesh in scrolls of gold
Children of the holy, the first in Death shall be one
And all in my name the glorious tides of Hell
I have sent fire and watch the world burning
Until it burst out to hide the light of the stars
Magnificat Satanas
A temple will rise priest gather from beyond
You will build idols, you will tear them down
I have brought you words
To always learn my new name
I have brought you my names
To always follow my words
A cult for eternity
A fall that will never stop
No salvation
No redemption
I am the end
I am the First
And in my name
You will never find death

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