Falling in Love

There're a lot of girls
To fall in love
But there's just one girl
That I'm thinking of
Please believe me
I'm falling in love
You are the one I'm thinking of
The only one
I'm falling in love
Girl, am I wasting my time
Waiting 4 u
Telling me that you're mine
Words is what I'm looking for
Telling my love love
That it's she I adore
It's crazy but I think that it's true
I'm in love with someone
I don't know
If you were here
I wouldn't know what to do
There's so much love in me
I wanna show
There're a lot of girls
To fall in love
Babe, I'm alone at my home
Waiting for you
Next to the telephone
Then, once again I hear bells
Thought it was you
But it was somebody else
There're a lot of girls
To fall in love

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