Click Clack

Two trains, two railroad tracks
One goin' 'n' the other one comin' back
There goes my baby on that ole train
I say come back, come back, baby, come back
Click clack, click clack

There's my baby wavin' her handkerchief down
My cars stand up when I hear that sound
This time it sound like it's for keeps
Click clack, click clack

I get down on the ground with the gravel around
I pray t' the Lord that the train will stop
Turn right around 'n' never stop
Till it drop my baby off

Now I had this girl threatened
'N' leave me all the time
Maybe you had uh girl like that
I-yuh all time cryin'

Well, I had this girl threatened
'N' leave me all the time
Threatenin' t' go down t' N'Orleans-uh
'N get herself lost 'n found

Maybe you had uh girl like this
She's always threatenin' t' go down t' N'Orleans
'N' get herself lost 'n' found

C'mon I'll play it for yuh
Lemme tell yuh 'bout it
Lemme tell yuh 'bout it

There were two railroad tracks
Click clack, click clack
One ah them leavin'-uh
'N' the other one comin' back

I was two years from yuh baby
You were goin' way up the tracks
The train was leavin'-uh
I could see yuh wavin' your handkerchief

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