I Believe Youre An Angel

Oh, take me just the way i'm
Oh, let me be your friend
Tell me it's forever
Oh, you - like a shining star
So beautiful but far
your dreams together
Oh babe, it's raining in my heart
Just a game you play
And then you break my heart

I believe you're an angel - i believe you're an angel
If you would come from heaven - heaven must be missing you
I believe you're an angel - i believe you're an angel

When i say i love you - you're always in my heart

Oh, say the words i wanna hear
I wanna be so near
And hold you just forever
Oh, do you think that time stands still ?
I wanna feel your thrill
There's never be a never
Oh babe, the tears that i cried for you
I never saw a girl
I loved you like i do

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