My Hometown

Johnny was a runner
but he never ran far
Always told people about the stairs for his scars
Always sat alone, for Mom and Dad live in bars
But his sanity is safe, locked beyond the stars
Mommy was a asshole
Daddy was a prick
The two of them together was enough to make you sick
Johnny always thought it was his fauly
But he didn't get a choice
No, he did not get to pickThem!
Stuck inside a suburbean nightmare
Trapped within a suburbean hell
With the creatures in the neighborhood
That stole your youth
And now that you've grown up
It's so hard to show the proof
With vices on your lips
And collars 'round your neck
And al the countless times
He put you on the deck
Deep in my suburbean nightmare
Drowning in my suburbean hell
With the creatures in the neighboor
That stole your mind
And now that you've grown up
Every thought is like a grind
Like a grain of salt
Over your shoulder
Into another's eyes
Carefully deplicting
Society's demise!

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