Evil Woman

Evil Woman 4:17 Trk 4
Champion Jack Dupree
(Jack Dupree)
Jack Dupree - vocal & piano
Pete Brown - alto sax, Ennis Lowry - guitar
Wendell Marshall - bass, Willie Jones - drums
Album: 'Blues From The Gutter'

(Oh, yeah!)

The woman that I'm lovin'
She's evil as would be
Lord, Lord, Lord
Woman I'm lovin'
She's evil as could be
Well, that woman is so evil
She's too evil for me

(Oh yeah!)

I love that woman
Though she takes my appetite
I love that woman
She takes my appetite
She's the sweetest woman
I ever seen in my life

She got a face, face like a monkey
Hair like a teddy bear
Lord, Lord, Lord
Face like a monkey
Hair like a teddy bear
Well, she's the woman I love
You ain't got no business, dyin'

(sax & instrumental)

(Oh yeah!)

(Oh yea-eah!)

(Ow! It's rainin')

(Oh yeah!)

So-ooo long, baby
Bid your last little time with me
Lord, Lord, Lord
So long, baby
Bid your last good time with me
Well, the way you been lovin' me, baby
Lord, I swear you's killin' me

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