Fading Away

Many happy years have passed
but somehow it all went totally wrong
you have left my life
my soul cries out, I'm left alone

And see
as the night devours all the light of day
And see
how my life is slowly fading away

I'm drowning, I'm dying, I'm fading away
I'm leaving this world, I am fading away

I am drowning in sorrow
lost the will to live one more day
suffering in this world
I wish my life was fading away

I promised you my love
till the very end of all times
but you broke my heart
filled with grief I'm left here to die

I see
how the blood is running slowly down my arms
I feel
how death is longing for my broken heart

I'm drowning

I'm drowning, I'm dying, I'm bleeding, I'm fading,
I'm leaving this world, now I'm fading away

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