We Say Yeah

Mummy says no
Daddy says no
Brother says no
But they all got to go


"?Cause we say yeah (yeah-yeah)
We say yeah (yeah-yeah)
We say yeah (yeah-yeah)
We say yeah (yeah)

If we didn't go ahead
And thought of all they said
Might as well give up, man
We might as well be dead


Now we're moving to the front, baby
We'll sing another song
The older ones, they taught us
They're all dead and gone

We'll aim for the sky
And keep on shooting high
Forget about those problems baby
Don't just sit and sigh



Umm, now mummy says yeah
And daddy says yeah
My brother says yeah
Maybe they're not so square

We all say yeah (yeah-yeah)
We all say yeah (yeah-yeah)
We say yeah (yeah-yeah)
We say yeah (yeah)

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