Living Without Her

I'm here all alone
Head between my knees
Learnin' to live by myself
She's out of my life
Singin', nobody to turn to
My faithful turning
Prayin', oh lord
I'm here on my knees
Bring her back to me

Livin' without her
When i still love her
I don't know whether i should go on
Just wanna hold her in my arms tonight
She's out of my life
I try to forget
Put the past behind
But i could never throw away
What she means to me
Lord, i'm tryin' to go on
With only time
When i feel i'm losin' my mind
God, you've got to give me a hand
I thought you wanted to love me, darlin'
Thought you wanted to be for sure
I only wanted you to live in my heart
For always, forever

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