Man On The Run

i've got the desert in my eyes and the western skies on my mind
everywheere i look i see wide open country for miles
out in the distance there's a montain the size of the sun
looks like i ain't drivin nowhere
i feel like a man on the run
adobe and teardrops are all i'm leaving behind
i'm somewhere in Texas, i'm lost and don't see the signs
in a bar in New Mexico an old man sells me a gun
but i ain't shootin' no one, i feel like a man on the run
i feel like a man on the run
oh-oh-oh try and catch me!
oh-oh-oh i've just gotta be free, free, free
oh-oh-oh try and catch me!
from San Bernadino i can see the lights of LA
the closer they get the further they're slippin' away
i can almost feel the redemption forgiveness becomes
i don't forgive anyone, i feel like a man on the run
feel like a man on the run
and i won't forgive anyone
and i don't forgive anyone
and i can't forgive anyone
so i won't forgive you
that's true

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