The Lost And Found

There's a Honky Tonk across the tracks
It's called the Lost & Found
And anytime both night or day
You hear the jukebox sound
It's playing sad and lonesome songs
That help the beer go down
You always have a song to count on
At the Lost & Found


They always take good care of you
At the Lost & Found
And when the closing lights come on
You're still hanging 'round
'Cause if you're in for a penny
Then you're in for a pound
You always seem to lose yourself
At the Lost & Found

The proprietor sets you up a tab, if you seek too deep
And the barmaid gently wake you, if you fall asleep
And asks you if you need a cab, or maybe one more round
They always take good care of you, at the Lost & Found

Repeat Chorus

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