Verse 1
Its over and done, but the heartache lives on inside
And who is the one you're clinging to, instead of me tonight

and where are you now?
now that I need you
tears on my pillow
where ever you go
cry me a river
that leads to your ocean
you'll never see me fall apart
In the words of a broken heart

Its just emotions, taking me over
I'm caught up in sorrow, lost in a song
but if you don't come back, come home to me darling
don't you know theres nobody left in this world to hold me tight
theres nobody left in this world to kiss goodnight


Verse 2
I'm here at your side, a part of all the things you are
but you'll never find your soul mate too
you gotta go find your shining star

Repeat bridge
Repeat chorus
Repeat bridge
Repeat chorus


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