Another Side Of Me

Verse 1
Look now to what you've started
And what you have created in me
Well i'm still breathing
And though I'm down I'm still reaching
And now I ask you
Answer me and stop bleeding
No more questions
Cannot take what you've given
To Understand it all
Confuse me so I fall
The cycle begins again
I want to know if it ever ends
You try to bring me down
Though i'm not your fool
Now alone i'll find my way
Another side of me that's true
A side of me that's true
Verse 2
You think that you will save me
But you're stealing what i need
Now I see clearly
through the lies you try to feed
I just can't let this be
And now I tell you
but I know you won't listen
You'll never know how
How I know that you mislead
Repeat Pre Chorus and Chorus
You find in me what you hate
My truth is what you hate
You find in me what you hate
But now it's too late
Repeat Chorus

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