Subject To Change

Send a letter home to your mother
And tell her who you've been
Don't ask for money or a favor
Just an old blue blanket
That you can lay your head in

'Cause there's a pen in your hand
That won't talk sense anymore
There's a ceiling fan
Showing movies on the floor

There's a gun on the table
Telling jokes about your friends
And the chairs are all laughing
At this night that never ends

Things are subject to change
As days go by
Things are subject to change tonight
Take a long fall out of this slow game
And blow a kiss hello good-bye
By any other nick name
Is "You knew me then
Now watch me go

There's a picture on the wall
That looks a lot like home
There's a story you tell
And you wish it was your own
There's a girl you met who says
She's seen you before
And there's a letter that you left
Says that's not you anymore

You were never very clever
Walking straight lines
Down a curved road
Whisper, laugh and shout
At every other pleasure
'Til you closed your eyes
And disappeared without a trace

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