All Hands On Deck

Sailing these seas alone
I've realized I could never make it on my own, conclusion from experience
This ark of mine has sprung a leak, to think I built my body weak
I need your help to make me right

I'm the captain of this paper boat, that cannot stay afloat without your love
You're love perfect
I'll recollect and then reflect, the blessings you have given to me
Friend we must try to, stand tall, stand proud, let the Lord declare out loud,
the things He's done inside our lives
The tide now rise, washing away this boat of mine that was pushed by my pride
I raise my flag of repentance I surrender all to you I can't weather these storms alone
I'm the captain of this paper boat that cannot stay afloat without your love

Lord you're the Captain that I with that I could be and I will sail with you,
forever more from this forward

All hands on deck

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