Gray Skies, Sunny Smiles

The times were great
The times with you
I had it all
I thought you too
I made you laugh
You made me smile
And since you smiled
I couldn't tell you'd cry
Please don't go away
There's a storm coming
The skies have changed
The night's so very late
And you can't think straight
The tides are stirring

I'll hold you through the night
Till the sun strikes
The biting void
The cold may seep in
But I'll do all I can
To tuck you in tight

It's amazing how
Some people can
Make small things great
Make moments last
When you pushed me in
I took you with me
You picked me a flower
And I stuck it in my hair

Don't throw yourself in
The storm is deadly
And the skies now black
The rain is pounding down
And you're so wet
The winds are wailing

Let me hold you through your night
I won't let you die
Please let me in
Don't you know what you're worth
And how much more life will give
In time, give it time

And maybe
I knew all along
This feeling
I felt something was wrong
Please tell me
Is something on your mind
Don't leave me
Behind tonight

In time, it will be alright
Even stormy skies turn warm and blue again
And forever is a long time
To be away from someone who loves you dear

Cuz if I ever lost you
I would stop to care
Cuz all that I loved so dear
Would have disappeared
I know now the night is dark
And the cold still creeps in
Trust God, and love yourself
The emptiness will disappear

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