Breakin News

f/ Ranking Scroo

{*piano roll*

[Ranking Scroo]

Well I mean Man Ranking Scroo 'long side E-40, ya hear?
All crew, pick up yourself Thou respect who say, everything's kool

[E-40] Fa Sho, Fa Sho

[repeat 2X]

Oooohh ooooh ooooh oooohhh (Ah Yo Ah Yo)


It's either gonna be him or me and I ain't finsta be either or
Fear no man, bar none, be a hog like a wild bull
Playas dont keep score
Let em know that this is grown man shit ya fucking with
Autoloaders, Hunting rifles ya fucking with
Somebody gon mind somebody shit ya fucking with
We give a fuck about who ya with and whatever horse ya rolled in on
Ya ain't finna take me outta my zone
Cause I'ma stay getting my money on and be about me and mine
watch out for salty ass niggas during daylight savings time
Cause that's around the time of the year when the splitter splatter
Folks be losing the lives, they kidneys, and gall bladder
We in the stink of it man, me and my runners and gunners
We come through dumping with those autoloader turkey hunters
Never lose sleep, never worry, never weep
You could spend that time praying that what the preacher be speaking
Them suckas like to cheat, watch the beef say its kool
Them double back pull out them hammers and tools
And bettybye your them harrington riches and varmen rifles screws
For bragging rights, just to say he made the news

[Hook - Ranking Scroo]

Oooohh ooooh ooooh oooohhh
Well is noone going? No Step Flowing
With real king news now we all stop joking
Money in my pocket, come try take it
He run up and dont want but if ya want them come get
Cause when the morning come yes we breaking news
Evening come yo we breaking news
So lift up ya foot and put it iny ya dancing shoes
cause if ya fuck with us yo ya bound to lose


Breakin News
If you mess with the bull your gonna get the horns
When the clouds is dark that means it's finna storm
If ya car is parked and the music is loud
That means ya setting off alarms in the crowd
When ya spider senses tell you that something is up
Then I suggest you go with ya gut
Don't ignore your first mind
Always pay attention to your warning signs
Always be awoke, always be aware, always look over ya shoulder
Always be alert of the rollers
When ya perking and ya sliding sipping Saint Ides or King Cobra
In ya scraper, feeling ya paper rubbing Donny Taylor or Clarence Carter
Alot Smarter than the average joe
straight out the ghetto they call me E, 4, 0
Still hungry, still rapping like I'm still 'spose
Still money, still money on my mind folks
I never play out I'm just like Pea-Cokes
I survive in a drought, I sit on all my dope
And wait for the value to sky rocket
make them client pay top dollars so when they come cop it



Breakin News
This just in
Have money, have heart, have when
Cause ya never know when
Ya gotta fight to the death, you can't be running out of breath
Get in shape before its late
Im at 320 now but I used to weigh 358
My doctor made me lose weight, my doctor said Charlie Hustle
We gon turn all this fat that you got into mustle
But fools gon think that I'm smoking, no they ain't loc
You got High blood pressure, the leading cause of death among black folk
Er' since yo ass was just a lil kid
the slave masters would give him all the left over and crap from the pig
Enough of that, I said what I said
Now let's get back to bussing heads
Know when to act a fool and who to act a fool with
Know who to be cool with and who not to be cool with
Cause the same dude you grew up and went to school with
A be the same dude that cross you and try to get you hit
Cause misery love company and company loves misery
And money causes jealosy and envy


[Rankin Scroo talks for a bit]

[repeat 2X]
Oooooh Oooooh Oooooh Oooohh

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