Elliott Yamin: I Just Texted To Say I Love You Song Lyrics

I Just Texted To Say I Love You

Without your face
Your warm embrace
It's felt as lonely as a profile on Myspace

Thank God for Skype
And our cell phones
So we can talk whether we're together or alone

I just texted
To say
I love you
I just tagged
Us both on our Facebook

I just tweeted
I love you
Retweet it, then like and share with all your friends

Let's get offline
And grab some food
I'll Yelp the nearest place that has the best reviews

This place sounds good
Urban Spoon agrees
This Groupoun gets us an appetizer for free

I'll check us in
Grab us some chairs
Oh look my friend's already been here on Four Square
... Aww man these nachos look so good I gotta share

I just texted
To say
I love you
I just Google Plus'ed your Mom and Dad (I circled 'em)
I'm just re-blogged that picture for my Tumblr
And posted it on my WordPress just to have

I uploaded our date
On Youtube
And it already has 300 views (300 views)
Let's comment,
Like it,
And favorite it
And dream that it makes the front page on Reddit
And BuzzFeed
And Huffington Post

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