Engelbert Humperdinck: Dancing With Tears In My Eyes Song Lyrics

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

This is our last dance together
Some will never forget
You gave me the love of a lifetime
Not a moment with you I regret
But I'm so afraid of tomorrow
'Cause I got to face it alone
I'm losing my reason for living
I'll be just a man on my own

Oh baby, I'm dancing with tears in my eyes
I hear the music but after it died
I know we'll never share it again
This song we're singing will come to an end
Oh darling, I wish we could dance forever
And spend my life in your arms

Deep down I knew we had no future
What rainy day you would go
I guess I just find you too late girl
And you can't better hurting, I know
Nothing and no one can change you
Until yourself, you're true
But God knows, I always remember
The light in my life, that was you

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