My destitute life I owe to no one
I reside alone in the darkness,
Staring out from the blackened walls of my mind
Tormented through knowledge,unshackled by wisdom,
I attain autonomy

Bound to no mortal,
Unable to trust in this world built upon lies
I take what I desire,I adhere to no laws

In allegiance with darkness,
The darkness within myself,
The dark force of the earth

My understanding now vast,
I have devoted years of isolation,
To thought,to knowledge,
So that I may see for myself,
With my own mind!
My empiricist ways have seen power by my own hand!

As the night stalk's revenge,
The moon is culling for blood,so will it be!
This soulless light,
Shall feel the pain of my suffering

I suffer alone,in the darkness
My serpentine mind,screams in delight,
As my cries echo through the pathways of my mind,
All goes still,
Rationale complete,
Chaos shatters my sentient thought
My pain is endless,as will be yours!

I will kill your purity,
I will purge your innocence,
As I walk in disgust,
Into each vacant eye I stare,
My head hangs low in sorrow

For so few see through the haze of this reality,
So very few attain their desire
In allegiance


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