The Cross Of St Andrew

One misstep can make you stumble,
you set yourself up for a fall
You punish yourself for each failure,
dogma beat out alcohol
When all of your principles were fashion,
you thought that your new rules made you new
But maybe those X's on your hands,
are what's killing you


The Cross of Saint Andrew,
never meant to take His place
The Cross of Saint Andrew,
echoes of His grace

Great Saint Andrew knew the measure,
he knew the cost of sacrifice,
he left all that he knew behind him,
great things come at such great price
But all of this never brought the answers,
obedience comes with controversy,
what changed him changes me today,
Christ has mercy


All your sins can be forgiven,
all of this was always free
Jesus loves without condition,
this is what freedom means to me

Nihil ergo nunc damnationis est
his qui sunt in Christo Iesu qui non
secundum carnem ambulant

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