Love Konnection

Had you been told before
what I said the other night
I assume you always are
you know that I have never been
attracted to the normal kind of girl
and once again
I'm right
i guess i should?ve known before
to never look them in the eyes
without focusing out far
truth will come around some day
when i am going through some kind of blindness
that fills up my sides

i need to learn
to speak effective
i should have made
a love connection
you chance is gone
it will never come again
oh no no no again

i know you?ve seen it all before
pasted on the every kind
the one who thinks he?ll be a star
truth is i have always been
distracted by the soul
that lurks in me
and once again
I'm right

i need to learn
to be productive
avoiding ways
my chance is here
i will never sin again
oh no no no

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