Read My Lips

By Ellen Foley and Desmond Child

Read my lips
Do you get the message in my kiss
Close your eyes
And read my lips
Come a little closer just like this
Baby baby

Gettin' harder through the night
Tossing and a turnin'
Been dreaming 'bout me
Temperature is burnin'
Now you're gonna lose the fight
Mind against the senses
Forget the past
And stick to present tenses

Repeat Chorus

Everybody's got a right
To basic education
So you better take note
And tune into my station
Well I know it sounds trite
But listen to me mister
L-O-V-E can be a real tongue twister

Repeat Chorus
(C'mon baby)

One thing they never teach in schools
Is that there's no such thing as rules
I know that you can learn tonight
I know that you can learn to
Read my lips

Repeat Chorus and fade

Copyright 1982 Walden Music, Inc/Desmobile Music Co,Inc/Urban Noise Inc

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