They Call Me Mr Glass

I put my faith in a wasteland
And as barren and desolate as it stands
The truth is: the truth is a liar
And the liar stands alone
It effects the hopless romantic and where he stands with love and trust and
Well I've lost all faith my darling
I've lost all faith

You knew I was selfish in the first place"
I gave you my all my everything


I gave you my all

Oh the humanity!
You've sucked
The life from me
You've sucked the life from me

And this wasn't a
Not to me
But baby you put the hope in hopeless
Cause 2 or 1
Less than 3
And I'd rather be 1 than 2
Cause 1 would never lie to me

So push this feeling aside
Cause my home is where the heart is
My heart is dead

And I'm just not ready to forgive

when you're so ready to betray

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