Your Man Loves You Honey

Had my golf clubs on my shoulder
When you saw me first today
Wearin' my old army sweater
That you thought you threw away

And when you saw me standin' there
You shook your head and sighed
When you saw I'd bought a six pack
I thought you were gonna cry

Your man loves you honey
And I don't know what else to say
Your man loves you honey
But you can't change my ways

Now before you say you're angry
You remember what I did
Went to church with you last Sunday
Took your mama and the kids

Sat right up and heard the preachin'
Even wore my Christmas tie
I'm not much on organ music
5-strings banjo's more my style

Your man loves you honey

Oh, you should have had a knight
In armor and a castle fair
Not some restless cowboy faded jeans
And shaggy hair

I can't make it babe without you
And you know that it's true
Keep me around for laughs
So, I've been good for one or two
Your man loves you honey

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