Don't Do It Darlin'

There are so many classy guys with classy uptown ways
And I am so afraid that they will steal you someday
But don't let 'em darlin' cause you belong to me
So don't ever let them make you think your love is fancy free
Don't do it darlin' that heart belongs to me

They'll tell you that I trifle and that you should do the same
They'll tell you that they need your love so why not make the change
Don't do it darlin' that love belongs to me
Oh please don't let them blind you I still love you can't you see
Don't let 'em darlin' that heart belongs to me

--- Harp - Guitar - Fiddle Instrumental ---

They'll offer you a mansion ask you if you will be their queen
So they can give you riches make your life a happy dream
But don't you let 'em darlin' that dream belongs to me
Oh sure they'll try to buy your love with riches such as these
But let 'em darlin' that heart belongs to me

No, don't do it darlin' that heart belongs to me

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