Hilltop Hoods: Hilltop Hoods - Tomorrow Will Do Song Lyrics

Hilltop Hoods - Tomorrow Will Do

be careful what you wish for
be cautious what you seek
women are like opportunities, grasp them when their in reach
all that glitters is gold
myself for green locally
blast n vines struggle thats why fate keeps trippin over me
with vines thats a rhymes trust me when i say they serve you
what you dont know can't hurt you so not knowing you's a virtue
its a fast food world im feedin on my diet bla a ning
but life is like john howard too short to waste time worrying
i move from my parentals just to lose it in the mental
now im using my potential, for bruising instrumentals
ima bad magic human down to stagnate n brewin
to these man made delusions catch a bad case of bruisin

where'll jump philosphers'll give a timeout
to find line between a smile n a frown
its called an eyebrow
if measurement of rhymes worth was one word of testimant
im done keepin it real i keep it relevant

life is a road
full of turnoffs short sprints and long runs
we'll deal with it as it comes
if i, lose my way or follow u
cuz today's a yesterday i guess tomorrow will do

i've been a out n ow loud mouth
since my youth im generous with words but selfish with the truth
i never say somethings on my mind anyway
cuz ideas are like cars they get stolen everyday
and when i do speak women call me a creep
lady shiver is not there its on the couch where u made her sleep
i get sleep without a meaningful rhyme to rhyme
to a blind man he said boy now i've seen it
oh the world's an ugly place filled with beautiful women
and people who love music but lack, suitable rhythm
what a computer will give em, an instrument won't
its called hiphop guess what, we're the industry joke

hiphop hollower's, followers till ya sorrow is gone
and be strong cuz tomorrow is on
we aint a weak trick beat nick kids on the sneak tip
we spit deep shit all the life's secrets


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