Act Of Lunacy

Torture and brutality i see through the eyes of insanity
Dual instincts of perversity which i cannot escape from
Twisted and deformed nightmares materialized in flesh
Abnormal revel in pain labyrinth of mind

Suffering in agony this night it happened again
Distortion of my thoughts acts engraved by oblivion
Burning the subconscious exhausting
The body paralyzed
The truth beyond all sense - hear my silent cries

Experience the fate unending nightmare
It seems to be too late descending madness

Schizophrenic fate
Uncontrolled without restraint
The quest for a normal life
I need to be set free
What have i done
To deserve this fearful
End this act of lunacy

Existing to exterminate this other side of a soul
Two faced personality in dismay searching for peace
Looking inwards for answers to explain
This situation of anguish
Step by step the truth unfolds need to see the end

Grand tornado of my inner soul
Urgent need to kill the other side
Within the boundaries of myself
Subconscious lies
Secrets only known in ancient tongues
My search will never end
Symptoms of insanity
This other side must die

How can i reach the unfathomable stairs
To unlock the door to the nethermost regions
Of my mind

Increasing in velocity
Illusions rapid fire
Twisting my reality
Act of lunacy i'm insane

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