Darkness Into Light

They never said that it would be like this
They never said for me to watch and learn
Id run ahead but Im afraid of what Ill find
I think Ill find Ive lost my mind
Ive really done it this time

(Na na na na na na na)
I dont know where to go
(Na na na na na na na)
Ive fallen behind
(Na na na na na na na)
You said You could turn the darkness into light
I could use some light tonight
I bet You knew that it would be like this
I bet you knew just how this all would go
You seem convinced that there is hope for me to reach for
But have you tasted the tears that flow?
How I wish I knew what You know


Slow down, slow down
I love You
Slow down, slow down
I need You now
Someway somehow


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