My Baby Boo

[Featuring Tamia]
L O V E is the letters in
a thug that lets him think let a war
come in peace my relationship forever
i wanna keep buying shit rolling on
the jeep much love and kissing sexual
heeling's let my man jonny take the
freelance tape the show then press
chorus:baby boo am stuck with you you
got my heart cazy glued am in love
wiht you(x3)
Tamia: all that i want is a man who
got a heart and knows how to act from
the very first start letting emotions
do they part doesn't matter how large
you are aslongs as you got game from
the heart you stole my heart
JP:I THInk about you alot baby boo
some niggas cum then then leave the
girl 9month pregnent in school girls
fronting am not mad at you but they
was the one who let the hunter cacth
his food see am a mad of my words ama
get on bended knees and ask those four
verse heartbroken all day it hurts
doens't matter what age or sex you
TAmia: LOve is such a small word but
with such a meaning it'll leave things
that are straight leaning am so into
you ama stay with you all my life i
wanted so one like you now that i
found ya i will never let you go
chorus:baby boo am stuck with you, you
got my heart crazyed glued am in love
with you (till the end) (Tamia still singing)

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