Dipset Inferno


Lil busta, front and i'll shoot ya
Run up, put the gun up to ya
Act like you don't know that i shoot ya
I bang - bang, bang that ass (nigga)

[Juelz Santana - Verse #1]

Go, go, 'tana in da house
Front yo, uh-oh, them hammers coming out
Yo we ain't come here to hurt nobody
But act up we'll hurt somebody, squirt somebody (oh!)
Dipset inferno - clips go, bang! get wet and burn slow
I love the street so much, i love this beat so much
I had to get on it and heat shit up (dre)
What would it take for on of these
Beats to get made and placed up under me?
So real, so true, so live
Cold steal, don't move, fo' five
You gotta keep one up on ya
You never know when a nigga try run up on ya (ah ah)
Try and dump up on ya, get one up on ya
And you ain't got yo gun up on ya
Who's slipping? not me, no way
You tripping, i squeeze, you lay
By the side of the curb with a shot in your nerve
You bitchin', you screamin': no way (ay!)

[Hook 2x]

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