Youre An Education

You're the only kind of knowledge
They don't teach at any college
You're an education in yourself,
There are poems and romances
In the glamour or your glances
You're an education in yourself,
Of all the famous dates in hist'ry
I recall but a few
The Fourth of July and my dates with you
You've a kiss that's scientific,
Though it's tender it's terrific,
You're an education in yourself,
You're the kind of mental training
I could take without complaining,
You're an education in yourself,
Intricate as economics
Simple as the Sunday comics
You're an education in yourself,
And there are geometric figures
In your beautiful curves
They're good on the eyes,
But bad on the nerves,
You are my encyclopedyuh,
Let me take you home and read yuh,
You're an education in yourself

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