Supa Star

whos got the hottest whip
Whos got the hottest chic
Who wont aknowledge it
Who takes care of the kids
Who shows tha most *hit
Who talks the most *hit
Whos doin whats what
Whos skrewin whos chic
Whos really full of it who
Stacks the most chips
Who makes the most bids whos
Getting out of it who runs
The projects whos car is
The flyest it takes to be
A supa star dont knock it
Till ya try it!

Everybody wants to be a supa star supa stara
Everybody wants to be a supa star thats what u
Are hey hey

Who got tha mos dice whos the 20 of lite
Whos really ghetto ghetto is a state of mind
Who got alots of?who got?who called the
Cops up wont somebody stopem who robbed the bodega asa lama laca
Do we eva think about will we eva make it its pressure in these
Videos dream cast and the radio thats the ghetto house coat every
Body here we go cause im in a ghetto state of mind and im jus
Tryin 2 get tha hell up outta of here cause im in a ghetto state
Of mind and im jus tryin 2 get tha hell up outta here cause everybody

Cause every body wants to shine every body wants to live the life and every
Body wants to go wher every body knows there name
Every body reall wants to see there name in bright lights thats y i gotta get
Outta here cause every body wants to be

Chorus till end

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