Best friends forever

This song is called best friends forever, and it's dedicated
to my muthafuckin' best friend, Barney Stevens, back in
Columbus, Ohio Yeah boy, that's my muthafuckin' home
So just sit back, listen to this song, smoke a blunt, and just
reminise, cuz this is how it wuz Remeber this shit dog? Pay
attention Best friends forever

I remember our days way back playin as little kids
Talkin bout the future never thought it would be like this
All this drama and pain, always in and outta jail
Smokin' so much weed and steady making my path to hell
Will somebody please tell me where the fuck I went wrong
I'm feelin so lonely, ain't seen my friends in so long
Everybody wonders why I'm so depressed
I feel my mind is gone and my soul is possessed
We used to talk about the things we'd be when we grow up
Stay up all night and drink till we throw up
We wuz just chillin' watchin' time fly by
Sneakin' out late at night smokin cess to get high
We wuz so close like we wuz really brothers
Didn't hide nothin, shared it all with each other
We've been thru so many hard times but always stayed true
You know it's true, when I say this shit dog, I love you
I'm feelin so lonely, I don't know what to do
I'm giving up cuz I feel I can't go on without you
I hope that I can make it another two years
I'm overdosing drugs and steadily shedding tears
Now you ain't around I got noone to talk to
Now I'm outta town I got nowhere to walk to
I got no place to stay I'm my time of need
I have a problem, I just can seem to stop smokin weed
I'm tryin to kill my mind and make it thru the day
Buts it's a long night drowning my pain away
I can't even sleep with so much shit on my mind
I've lost my heart and it's so hard to find
I can't put up with this shit anymore
The thought between my heart and my brain is a war
I won't forgive my parents for taking me away
I don't understand why the fuck we couldn't stay
That's fucked up, what about my thoughts and emotions?
I never ever thought I could of lost this devotion
I won't lie dog, that I think about you everyday
I'm tryin to make it dog, I'm tryin every way
But it's just so hard, I feel so alone
I hate this place, I wish I could go home
Reality I'm stuck, that's just my luck
Now I really mean it when I say I don't give a fuck

You my dog, Barney, type of brotha that I'd lie for
And if it comes to it, the brotha that I'd die for
Nothing matters to me, as long as we together
Remember this brotha, best friends forever

I remember our downfall over some bullshit
We got into a fight and then that was it
But then we reunited, stronger than ever
Remember this Barney, best friends forever
Who'd of ever thought, that we would be apart
I can't even believe it, you been there since tha start
Remember stealin' liqour to drink like everynight
I miss that shit man, that shit was fucking tight
There will never be another as real as you
You won't be replaced dog, you know that its true
Cuz when I say shit, I mean it, that's how it is
That's how it's been since we wuz itty-bitty kids
Fuck the world, for all it's worth
Every inch of the muthafuckin planet Earth
I can't stand it here, they got me going crazy
Stupid muthafuckaz shoulda killed me as a baby
But fuck it, Im here, so I'm tryin to live on
But it's just so hard without seein' you for so long
I think I'm goin insane, I get crazier everyday
I still can't believe it that you are so far away
How the fuck could it be? It's so fucked up
I hate my fuckin parents they don't even give a fuck
So fuck them, cuz they don't know how the fuck it feels
It's like a sharp blade sticking in my heart, it kills
Remember the first time that we got caught stealin?
We thought that we wuz bad, can never forget the feelin
Or gettin so drunk and walkin' down the muthafuckin block
Startin some shit and then runnin from the fuckin cops
Stayin out all night just chillin and drinkin'
Hung around so much you knew what I wuz thinkin'
Remember when we fisrt found your dads muthafuckin' bowl
Gettin smoked out on the roof before and after school
We been thru everything together, thirteen muthafuckin' years
All the drama, the pain, the smiles and the muthafuckin' tears
We still got what we had before because it's real
I know we'll be together soon that's how I feel
Things aren't getting any better everyday
Soon again we'll be together thats all I gotta say
Once again we'll be reunited, stronger than ever
Remember this Barney, best friends forever


I hope you remember what we talked about in the past
Cuz I'm coming back for you that time will be fast
We can chill every night in our own muthafuckin house
Drink a buch of liquor, smoke weed till we pass out
That shit will be tight, man I can't fuckin' wait for it
Only two more years, but man I can't wait for it
Fuck all this Florida shit, I'm never coming back
All the girls is bitches and the guys is on crack
I only had one friend, he didn't even come near you
That muthafucka turned his back, that bitch wasn't true
Fuck him, your the only fuckin' friend I need
Me, you, some drank, some cigarettes and weed
That's all I need in this hopeless muthafuckin life
Then I'll be happy, fuck a stupid-ass wife
All bitches is hoez, I can't stand these sluts
The only thing they're good for is to fuck
Remember skippin' school like every single day
Gettin' so wasted throwing our fuckin' lives away
Then we went back but we didn't stay too long
Went back home and we got our fuckin' drink on
Bitch, Darby Estates, I'll never forget my home
Columbus, Ohio bitch, I won't change my tone
A bunch of bad muthafuckaz, don't give a fuck
We'll put it on your ass like a case of bad luck
I miss my home, you lived just across the street
Now everytime I talk to you it's so discrete
I can't walk right up to your house like everyday
I sometimes forget, your a thousand miles away
Oh well, we can talk on the phone and plan
Two years will go bye quick as fuck man
On my eighteenth birthday, Ima be out
On Interstate 75 on my way to your house
When I get there we can smoke a fat blunt
Have some lunch, then go on a muthafuckin' pussy-hunt
We can do all the shit that we used to do
Smoke some weed, drink some drank, even fuck some bitches too
We can ruin our lives together instead of alone
Fuck all this shit, I can't wait to come home
And then we'll be reunited, stronger than ever
Remeber this Barney, best friends forever


Ya heard me Best friends forever dog Remember that shit

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