Menace ii society

My adversaries runnin' when they see me cuz I'm bringin' that nine
Muthafuckaz wanna be me but they endin' up dyin'
A lil' homie on the sidewalk with his brainz hangin'
Cuz he tried to play me wit' that fuckin' set he be claimin'
I bring it to you bitches like a muthafuckin' Don
My lyrics hittin' on this track, explodin' like a fuckin' bomb
The cops can't even stop this even though they wanna try
Let it be known, they hit my muthafuckin' set they gotta die
My alias is Lil Trip, you muthafuckaz know my fuckin' name
Cuz I'm the realist muthafucka up in this game
These bitches say they rebels, but they end up seein' devils
Slangin' ricks, more like pebbles, diggin' with a fuckin' shovel
A hole 6-feet-deep, for you muthafuckin' corpse
Cuz you know when I see you, I'ma hit you wit' that torch
Ain't nobody gonna save you from it, I see you runnin'
You don't think I'm comin', while you runnin', I'm straight gunnin'
Lovin' your ho, wit' my dick in her mouth I'm sick
I'll fuck her then kill her with a muthafuckin' ice pick
I know this shit's shady cuz I'm bout to kill your lady
You bitches cryin like a baby, Lil Trip, I'm goin crazy
A menace to society, a drug deala, a killa
Catch you at your muthafuckin' spot and I'm gon' peel ya
Bitches say they ain't been gettin' what they been wantin'
They say Lil Trip is rich but he just frontin'
Bitch, I don't owe you shit, girl I don't even know you
You wanna fuck me one night and then say I owe you
I'll tell you what you'll get, you'll get my dick in your mouth
Ain't no money comin' from me, so get the fuck out
Like I said before, you muthafuckaz need to quit talkin' shit
Cuz I'm Lil Trip and I don't take no bullshit
You cowards will hit the ground when I'm on tha block
Cuz I'll hit you wit' my glock and make you close down shop
I be slangin' that herb and hangin' all up on tha curb
You bitches tryin' my nerves and gettin' fucked by my words
You need to stop talkin' and start fuckin' listenin'
Cuz you aint gonna love yo' life untill it come up missin'
I'm known for turnin' bitches to a muthafuckin' dream
Make 'em disappear right before your eyes just like a dopefiend
Lil Trip don't give a fuck who you think you are
I'll get in your car and bust your head with a bar
We on a mission for some glisten' everythang come up missin'
Hit the spot where you be lickin' and go in your expedition
Now everything inside your muthafuckin' vehicle is gone
If you ask a question, I'll explode you like a bomb

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