Psychopathic prophet

This song is dedicated to everybody Fuck everybody
Cuz I don't give a fuck about none of you muthafuckaz
So fuck all y'all Cuz I don't give a fuck
That's my word, ya heard me

I'm tellin' you now boy, that you don't wanna beef wit' me
Beefin' wit' me, the worst horror flick you'll ever see
Cuz I don't give a fuck how many people you got
One by one my fuckin' glock will make 'em all drop
You better shut your mouth cuz you don't wanna end your life
If I don't got a glock, best believe I got a knife
And I'm quick to draw, on all of y'all
Lets see how much blood gets splattered on the muthafuckin' wall
Fuck a murder scene cuz I know I'll come clean
I won't even get a touch of blood on my jeans
So you better stay clear of this man right here
Cuz what I'll do to you I'll make your momma shed a tear
You muthafuckaz wanna bring it there we can
Just remember that you fuckin' with a pschopathic man
I grab you with both hands and choke you to death
Make you scream 'till there ain't any air in your chest
'Till your body freezes up and your eyes swell shut
Fuck who wuz there, ho, cuz I gives a fuck
The where be no justice when your layin' in your tomb
Cuz the witness won't make it to the muthafuckin' court room

I'll fuckin kill you!
(Kill, kill, kill, murder, murder, murder)

Murderous thoughts are runnin' thru my fuckin' mind
You better say your prayers before you run outta time
Cuz God can't even stop what I'ma bring to you
Your a weak-ass bitch and you've always showed it too
So listen up what I'm gonna do to you
First, I want your jewelry and your muthafuckin' wallet too
Now strip, muthafucka, give me all your fuckin' clothes
If you refuse, I'll blow another hole in your nose
Then when you do that, show me where your cheese at
Plus gimme your bats, slugs and gats
Now get on your knees and beg for your life
I'm about to slit your throat with this muthafuckin' knife
You little soft bitch, shoulda known not to fuck wit' me
But you did, so your fuckin' ass is outta luck G
All that you earned wuz your muthafuckin' funeral
Your momma didn't wanna hear that shit, she heard it though
But fuck her and fuck you too, you lil' ho
You wuz talkin' shit so I had to let you go
Underground with the fuckin' dirt and maggots
Guess that'll teach your fuckin' ass you little fagget


I hope you understand now not to fuck wit' Lil Trip
Lil Trip like to see your muthafuckin' blood drip
You keep fuckin' wit' me cuz my muthafuckin' size
I know that you a bitch, I can see it in your eyes
Size don't mean shit if you wanna go to war with me
You better bring ya whole crew wit' Tech-9's and Uzis
Fuck a gun, I'll kill you with a fuckin' tire iron
Or bash your fuckin' face in on a fire hydrant
So if you try to fuck wit' me you better stop it
Cuz Lil Trip be crazy on a psychopathoc prophet


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