Walking On Sunshine

[ VERSE 1 ]

I design rhymes usin architecture
And if I dislike ya, I'ma disrespect ya
The beats are pumpin, the lyrics you savour
And all you can do for me is a favor
Your body and soul will make the final departure
This mic is bein held in the hands of an archer
To ladies I'm sensual, they tell me I'm the greatest
I'm not a fronter, believe me when I say this
Look at me as bein the line
Between here and walkin on sunshine


[ VERSE 2 ]

I'm not even tryin to hear that the Juice went bad
What's wrong, muthafucka? You must be mad
Don't impose, I freeze ya like freon
And I don't know what kinda new shit you be on
I see you enhance with the spells I conjure
They're timid to the minute, you exceed beyond your
Limit, don't want you playin mine close
String you out and leave you hangin like a sign post
As long as I live I'll never beg to be down
Kickin on the solo tip and still can knock a tree down
Combined suckers diss and what you get after
Only use English combined with the math-
matics, destroy rappers, strip em of their articles
Wax their little hineys till they're tinier than particles
Look at me as bein the line
Between here and walkin on sunshine


[ VERSE 3 ]

You had a notion that I couldn't remain
Instead of hip-hop joints I'd be singin in the rain
There's nothin wrong with some rain to refresh ya
In spite of it all in Buddah's name I bless ya
These regiment rhymes I practise
My wise words of wisdom are sharp like cactus
There's no mountain high, nor a valley low
And nothin ain't movin till I say so
You say you're sick and tired, you say you're fed up
What you're gonna do? Nothin, shut up
Takin you out, let me rewind it
This is how I broke it down and defined it
Look at me as bein the line
Between here and walkin on sunshine


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