Seven Angels


If you see me flying
All across the sky
There I go I'm a flying high
Six white horses
A chariot made of gold
Seven lovely angels aside my soul

I've got the moon on my right
The sun on my left
The world is behind me
Only one way to go
That's straight ahead
That's where I'm going

I've just stepped out
Out of my rave
There I go I ain't no slave
In my right hand
Is the word of truth
In my left hand is the fire of love

I call to the land
I call to the sea
I call to the sky
Lord have mercy
Won't you hear me

Wings on my back
Wings on my back
I've got to fly away
I've got to fly away
You know I just can't wait till tomorrow
I've got to fly away
I've got to fly away
There I go

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