It's That Simple

[Chorus x2: MOP]
[Fame] Either you run wears or get ran the fuck down
[Will] It's that simple!
[Fame] Either you gunnin with us or get gunned the fuck down
[Will] It's that simple!
[Fame] So if you comin nigga then come the fuck now
[Will] C'mon, come
[Fame] Come the fuck now
[Will] C'mon, come
[Fame] Or get gunned the fuck down
[Will] It's that simple!

[Verse One: Billy Danze]

Gimme a minute and I'm at it again
Forever rockin forever poppin!!!!
Criminal men with intention to win
MO! Y'all know my pedigree
I fire raps, I fire gats
My em-pire fire back
Mad at me I holds it down for Brownsville Academy
Get the (militant thugs) I be the gangsta ass I gotta be
The ground is filled with chalk (chalk!)
And the sky is always dark (dark!)
And your everyday street smarts, give you a deep thought
To reach his death be houndin me
Soldiers that's surroundin me
And cobras that fill in pounds, with rounds for downin me
On this rugged-ass, blacktop, black glocks is issued
Around bodies crack spots, will pop shots and lift you
Where the YG'z and the OG'z get the same under they belt
Where the same hand was dealt (dealt!)
The same pain was felt (felt!)
The game ain't change itself (uh-uh) only the players
The 'Ville still roll, in rolls, waves and layers


[Verse Two: Lil' Fame]
I never forgot how to erase 'em
We raise 'em for the occasion
Hug the hammer like a child and pop it in confrontation
Ain't +No Limit+ to these streets, C-Murder style
We chalk 'em, get it gully when it get u-gly
Baby bubble we spark 'em
It's the Hilltop marksmen, back block enforcement
BK militant thugs, ever since {?} tossin
Cause life is a one-way street, with a lot of signs
And I got to grind
So I learned 'em like the alphabets and I mastered it
The twenty-five and older, consider yo'self a graduate
Ignorant minds, is in the kind of {?} that's in
(Cause) you know (you know) the phrase (the phrase)
two wrongs (what) don't make a right
Cause it only take one time to fuck up and lose yo' life
See I done got those when they bucked those, ready or not
You better be ready or it gon' be trumpets at yo' burial spot
And I'll be (posted up) on the outside lookin in
Because them outlaws is in your in-laws
Better stand up and defend yours


It's that simple
C'mon, c'mon, it's that simple
It's that simple

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